Who is Rosebud Media?

Rosebud Media was formed in June of 2017 when we acquired one of the oldest newspapers in Oregon: The Mail Tribune. This acquisition provides the Mail Tribune with its first local owner and publisher since the 1970’s.

With the newspaper industry experiencing a decline in many areas, including subscriptions and advertisements, our goal as a 21st century media company is to take a new and different approach. Rosebud Media is not interested in following the crowd. We are ready to change the way the community views and interacts with news and information. Whether on air, online, or in print, we aim to provide our community with thorough, credible, and accessible content.

Our mission is to grow and shape the community by providing quality products available across multiple platforms, and to help grow local businesses by providing an array of marketing solutions. With our growing readerships of both the Mail Tribune and the Ashland Tidings, as well as our specialty publications and exciting online content, we aspire to be southern Oregon’s source for news and information available when, where, and how you like it.


Subscription based services are housed locally with a support team dedicated to efficiency and making sure the paper is delivered on time, daily.


With the combined efforts of KTVL Channel 10 broadcasters, reporters make sure to deliver next generation local news coverage that is accessible through all mediums.

Design Team

Backed with years of experience, they provide top quality designs and enticing publications to catch the eye of the community.

Marketing Consultants

With the goal of growth in mind, the sales team comprised of Marketing Consultants and Digital Specialists, provides advertising avenues for business owners that ensure an effective and measurable return on investment.


Daily readers of the Mail Tribune & Ashland Tidings


Monthly page views on MailTribune.com


Monthly unique users on MailTribune.com


Adults in the market, with 54% having read the Mail Tribune or visited MailTribune.com in last week