Tips to Fix Your PPC Campaigns that Don’t Perform Well

If you have an underperforming PPC campaign, you may want to change your campaign by trying a few new things.  Consider replacing a few things and then analyzing if the campaign gets better or worse.  Sometimes a good PPC campaign is fine-tuned until it performs well.

  • Make sure your landing page is excellent before you start working on your PPC ads. If you have a landing page that fails to convert, then this could be the problem.  A landing page should grab your visitor’s attention and deliver what was promised in the ad.  There should also be a direct call-to-action.
  • Use ad extensions to highlight your product or a local business in Medford, Oregon. Consider linking to your website or using the call extension for those searching for your business using a smartphone.  Consumers also appreciate reviews and location extensions when they are deciding on whether to use your services or product.
  • Try a remarketing campaign. Remarketing shows your ads to people who have already visited your landing page and works as a reminder to get them to revisit your website.
  • Have a competitor analysis done so that you can discover what you need to step up with your PPC campaign.
  • You may get better results with your PPC campaign by adding negative keywords to your ad planning. Decide on the common keywords you don’t want to relate to your product or business.  Adding negative keywords to your plan will help you avoid your ads popping up for irrelevant search queries.
  • Improve ad relevance by checking on search terms and making sure that your keywords match your business and location well.
  • Theme your ad groups.
  • Test the load time of your landing page and website to make sure it is optimal. One of the biggest reasons for visitors to leave a webpage is load time.
  • Try increasing the bids you have for the ads in your PPC campaign. Higher bids may yield better results!

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