The Importance of Local SEO

If you have a business in Southern Oregon, it is vital to harness local SEO for the growth of your business this winter.  Consider transitioning to local keywords and making your business smartphone-friendly for good growth into the new year!

  1. Local SEO makes it easier for people in your area to find you when they perform local searches for your services.
  2. If you cater to one specific area, then it is easier to get new clients with local SEO because you have less competition.
  3. Starting a local SEO campaign can bring you in new business than a national SEO campaign. Local searchers that use smartphones tend to initiate contact with the company they search for within the same day they search.  More than 70 percent of local searches result in offline purchases!
  4. The ‘near me’ searches are initiated regularly by users who want specific services right away. If you have a plumbing business and a user searches for ‘plumbers near me’ and you are the first one in those search results, you are likely to get a new client right away.
  5. Using keywords that are easy to say in a voice search is one of the essential parts of local SEO. Analyze your keywords and make sure they are what someone would say if they are voice searching for your business.
  6. Local SEO can help you gain a significant following of loyal clients offline and on social media. Make sure you use your keywords on your social media accounts, blogs, and in your print marketing!
  7. Integrate your local SEO keywords in your PPC campaigns and all your online marketing campaigns to gain expert-level attention with the search engines. Your business should steadily grow the more people notice you online and trust the content that you produce.

Once your Southern Oregon business has the local SEO campaign it needs to grow, you will benefit from the growth that comes from locals who search for your services.  Contact Rosebud Media for help with your local SEO campaigns.

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