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Stand out from your competitors with video ads.
Our digital team is excited to be growing with the video marketing world. We believe that video is on the fast track to becoming one of the largest ways businesses will be marketing in the upcoming years. We target our video ads through retargeting, behavioral, keywords, and contextual. The way we get these videos in front of your customers is by putting them as pre-rolls where the viewer must watch before viewing the video they selected to watch. We also make sure there is no skip button, so the viewer is inclined to watch your ad. We recommend your pre-rolls video length to be 15 seconds so that the viewer gets an understanding of your ad but isn’t overwhelmed or annoyed by it. There are also companion banner ads that can be included on some sites.

Video Ad Marketing is Growing. We Can Help!

Statistics are showing the growth of video ads and are suggesting that this is a marketing strategy that business owners cannot afford to ignore. 75 million people in the U.S. watch online videos every day, your ad can show in front of these videos. Video traffic on the internet will account for 80% of all consumers by 2019. Some may argue that video ads are hard to measure how effective they are but as technology has changed this is becoming more measurable. Video ads are your chance to engage with viewers and potential customers at a more emotional level that may cause them to share word-of-mouth about your business.

Video Ads Pay For Themselves

This has become a distinct tool for businesses to build brand awareness. Online video ads can pay for themselves many times over, once you upload a video, it can last a lifetime that continuously promotes your business. This makes video ads cost-effective and soon everyone will be wanting video ads for their business. Start the process of creating a video ad with us today and stand out from your competitors. We will help you with the creative process and will deliver an ad you can be proud of that reflects your image. Drive traffic to your website and storefront with these creative video ads. Tell your story, showcase your business, or simply promote some products. Your customers are likely watching so remind them that they need to make a trip to your business again soon.

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