Reasons Why Print Is Certainly Not Dead in the Digital Age

We live in an increasingly digital age, where information from virtually any source is accessible with a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a smartphone’s touchscreen. Over the past several years, many prominent figures in media have declared that print media is outdated. However, this is far from true.

Print media still holds incredible value and offers a range of benefits that digital media alone cannot hope to match. Rosebud Media offers print media solutions to clients across various industries, and we believe print media still holds incredible potential.

Print Inherently Lends Credibility to Brand Voice

Anyone can publish anything to the internet. Most modern internet users have grown automatically wary of everything they read online, especially in the era of “fake news” and sensationalist, clickbait “reporting.” Print, on the other hand, tends to automatically lend credibility to the brand voice that publishes it. The reader automatically recognizes the work put into print media, granting authority to the publisher that digital media must work much harder to attain.

Print Offers Tangible Quality

While the digital age hinges on convenience and accessibility, print media offers readers and consumers something tangible to hold in their hands. The tactile sensation of holding a piece of printed media is impossible to match or replicate with digital publishing. If your brand wants to make a statement of quality to your target market, print media can help you accomplish this more effectively than you might expect.

Less Ads to Pester Consumers

Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of the digital age is most publishers’ reliance on ad revenue. This can make the web browsing experience irritating and unnecessarily troublesome for many internet users. Print media, on the other hand, carries a much lower demand for ad space. A piece of printed media may contain a small fraction of the ad space that a typical web page does today.

Rosebud Media helps brands establish their brand identities, reach their target audiences more effectively, and create memorable moments with their customers through printed and digital media. Contact us today to learn more about the potential print media carries for your brand.

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