Outdated SEO Practices



There are many old SEO practices that are completely outdated or definitely should be outdated!  If you are still doing these SEO techniques, it’s time to update your digital marketing plan.  Contact Rosebud Media in Southern Oregon to get help updating your online marketing agenda.

  1. Posting to article directories and link building directories. Now if your articles aren’t high-quality and original, you can forget about this being worth the effort.
  2. If you have a keyword domain, instead of a branded business name, this isn’t going to get you ranked right away like it used to! Google is looking for businesses that are branded and show expertise!
  3. Stuffing keywords into your content.  Content has
  4. Anchor text for your pictures that is exact match doesn’t work any longer. You are better off keeping your keywords out of the anchor text.
  5. Low-quality content is no longer something that promotes a website well. Now, if you don’t seem like an expert with original content, you won’t rank high with search engines.
  6. Linking to yourself because you created many different pages.
  7. Software that automates the link building process. All of your links should be real and high-quality.  This actually violates Googles guidelines, so being honest and gaining links through honest practices is probably for the best!

One of the best things you can do if you are interested in increasing your audience online and ranking high on the search engines is being genuine.  A genuine digital marketing plan is a wonderful way to get organic SEO rankings that you know are stable and because of hard work!  If you don’t know if something is old or new, the best way to gauge if it is ethical SEO is to ask if it is genuine or presents you as a genuine person or business.  The more transparent you are, the better you are seen by others as someone who has expertise.  This is what the search engines want!

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