Online News Sources Reach Their Audience as Print News Companies Struggle

Social media has changed the way people around the world get their news and share it with others. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow users to share important news clips and articles relating to nearly every current event imaginable. As the popularity of online news has grown in recent years, newspapers in particular, have seen a severe decline in sales.

The Facts on Newspaper Sales

As more people get their news online, the relevance of newspapers seems to be diminishing. The Pew Research Center conducted a study which found that 62% of U.S. adults turn to social media for their news. Data from the Newspaper Association of America, formerly the News Media Alliance, shows these results:

  • Print newspaper circulation (weekday) down 12%
  • Print newspaper circulation (Sunday) down 13%

Revenue from newspaper sales in 2018 was only $14.3 billion, compared to $37.8 billion in 2008, and newspaper circulation is at its lowest since 1940. This seems to spell disaster for the print news industry. However, as necessity is the mother of invention, companies like Rosebud media are taking an innovative approach to keeping print media alive.

How Can Print News Agencies Make it Today

As it is increasingly difficult for traditional newspaper companies to thrive in a digital world, companies like Rosebud are taking the news to their subscribers over multiple platforms to reach news hungry consumers via print publications, online media, and over the airwaves. One company operating a full-service digital media and marketing company is a way for newspaper companies who are struggling to keep their audience to merge with a 21st century business that can help them stay afloat and continue to reach their target audience.

If you are interested in finding out more about the way that today’s digital marketing companies are doing their part to save the failing print news industry, Reach out to Oregon-based Rosebud Media through our convenient online form. After acquiring The Mail Tribune, one of Oregon’s oldest newspapers, in 2017, we have made it a priority to keep print media alive amid the ever-changing landscape of modern news.

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