How to Engage Better with Your Online Customers

Online Customer Engagement

As you focus on the priorities of your business, it is important to include connecting with your customers online as part of your daily schedule.  While you may have work to do that seems more important, sales can climb rapidly if you have a great online reputation.

  • Build an online community to get involved with your customers and clients. You can use social media sites to build your online community and quickly invite the people you know are interested in your business.  If your brand is well known, people are probably already searching for your online community.  It is important to answer questions and respond quickly online so that your online reputation stays solid.
  • Contests are a fantastic way to boost your brand online. They can also go viral and gain you even more leads.
  • Track trends online by frequenting message boards and reading product reviews. If you are flexible, you can create a brand that is exactly what your customers want.  When all else fails, you can just ask what they want from your products or services, and they will surely tell you!
  • Ask your customers what they like. If you take a poll or just simply post pictures of two different items and ask what they think, they will love being involved, and you will see more activity from your online customers.
  • Be transparent with your online followers, and you will gain the trust you need to leverage more sales. Transparency is a big deal in 2019, so it is important to show your true self and involve others.  Showing the world who you really are can be as simple as removing makeup or live streaming when you do your favorite hobby.
  • Fix issues right away. More people are taking to social media for customer service issues, have someone respond to chats so that you can make sure your customers are taken care of right away.  Bad reviews can hurt your reputation, so the faster you respond, the better your reputation will be online.

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