How to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Streaming

Social media has become a staple of everyday life for countless people all over the world. As a professional marketer, it’s your job to connect with your target audience online in meaningful and memorable ways. Since your audience likely spends time on one or more social media platforms each day, it would be foolish to allow these opportunities to pass you by.

Social Media Marketing Is Changing

When you think of social media marketing, you need to think beyond the typical image of a business profile on Facebook, a LinkedIn page meant to attract potential partners, and a Twitter page for releasing bites of information to your audience. Video content is taking the marketing world by storm, and social media sites like Twitch and Mixer are quickly becoming some of the most popular places on the internet for connecting with audiences, especially younger ones.

Taking Advantage of Live Streaming

Sites like Twitch and Mixer primarily exist for video game streaming. Places where professional gamers and influencers play the latest games and release entertaining content for audiences all over the world. However, these sites are also becoming havens for artists, musicians, and all types of brands across industries.

While live streaming may not seem like an immediately obvious choice for your marketing strategy and branding goals, it’s imperative that you consider the potential a streaming presence could offer for your brand. Facebook and YouTube also offer live streaming services, and if you already have social media profiles on these platforms, the occasional streams could create highly engaging experiences for your audience.

Work with Rosebud Media to Build a Streaming Presence

At Rosebud Media, we work with brands across all industries to help them achieve their branding goals and establish competitive marketing strategies in new markets. Streaming isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and you can reach a much wider audience when they know they can rely on your brand to provide valuable and engaging live content.

If you want to add video content marketing to your branding strategy or want to experiment with live streamed marketing, we can help. Contact the team at Rosebud Marketing today to learn more about how your brand could take advantage of this trend.

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